Service / Spare Parts

In the rare event you are having trouble with a Davey Water Products Pump or associated equipment GE PLUMBING can offer a complete onsite service and repair of Davey pumps . We carry a large range of Davey Water Products spare parts for most pumps and what Davey pump parts we don’t carry are only a phone call away.

Our experience on Davey pumps is second to none and  our service and installation vehicles are fully equipped with all that will be required for the installation of your new Davey pump , these vehicles also carry many Davey spare pump parts and are equipped for the most complex service and repair onsite.

Due to the huge variety of different Davey Water Products it is best if you are in need of Davey spare parts in Perth, Western Australia to please contact Davey customer service on 1300 369 100 to request a parts breakdown of the pump you are requesting the parts for from Davey themselves.
Once you have done this please forward this document with the correct Davey Spare Parts number to and we will get you a price asap. We find this method to be the fastest and most efficient way of ordering Davey spare parts.

All Davey Spare parts can be installed if needed. For major repairs we can pick up the Davey Pump from you, if it is currently installed we will disconnect it and take the pump back to our workshop in Serpentine, Perth, Western Australia where we have the tools and machinery to fix them.

For basic repairs most parts can be fitted on site saving time and money.

If you have any trouble finding the Davey spare part you are after feel free to give us a call or email.

Mobile Number: Elliot – 0437782941 or Greg – 040891939
Email: or